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Community Drives Culture – 26.01.17

We saved culture, time to celebrate it.

Since 1999, fabric has held 3,106 events and welcomed 6.75 million people through its doors. In terms of the London and UK club scene, it is one of the crowning jewels – one of the few clubs that is known worldwide and is a destination spot for ravers, young and old, to enjoy bass-laced music.

However, on Tuesday the 6th of September, fabric was shut down by Islington council. By shutting down fabric they proceeded to remove a cultural institution, one of many to fall victim to local councils over the years.

Following a concerted effort from fabric themselves, as well as 160,000 petition signatories, 1,000 letters of support to the Council from other nightclub operators, competitors, associations, patrons, neighbours, parents, artists and professionals, and countless uses of the hashtag #saveourculture across social media, plans to close fabric did not proceed. Saving fabric was a community effort, a tribute to people power. Without the help and activism of communities gathering around fabric to hold political power to account and exercise their collective power, fabric may not have re-opened their doors.

On Thursday 26th of January, we come together to celebrate the power that community exhibited in saving fabric, and to remind ourselves that we must always remain vigilant and ready to protect culture collectively, with a collaborative night at the iconic club.

The Basement have teamed up with Radar Radio to host Room 2 with a line-up showcasing some of the hottest emerging talent coming out of the UK:

Kojo Funds


Capo Lee

Amy Becker

Jack Dat

Big Zuu

Riz La Teef

Kenny Allstar





Catch us down at fabric on Thursday 26th from 7pm – 2am.


Photo by Vicky Grout.