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Essentials: Tiffany Calver

Tiffany Calver is undoubtably the biggest UK DJ within the rap scene. She currently hosts The Rap Show(and is the first woman to do so) on Saturday nights at BBC Radio1Xtra. Frankly, theres not many 26 year olds that can say they’ve toured with Drake on the Assassination Vacation Tour. After all, she is the one to thank for getting us all obsessed over some of the best grime, trap and hip-hop artists in the UK right now. From her ‘No Requests’ grills to her favourite instant ramen, Tiff shared her essentials with us.

Why are these your essentials?

All of the things I’ve brought today really represent who I am and who I’ve been for the last 10 plus years which is just a massive fan of music and Indomie. (laughs)

If you could only pick 3 of your essentials which would you keep and why?

It would have to be my crime mob vinyl because that’s rare as fuck and its one of my favourite songs of all time so the fact I have that on vinyl is mad. I’d also keep the CDJ’s because without that there is no Tiffany Calver, like whether its my radio show when I’m playing music off of them every Saturday night for my job, or I’m in a club or I’m at home, they’re just a central part of who I am. My last essentials would be my grills because they’re expensive as fuck (laughs) and sick as fuck, and that’s my brand so… but mainly cos they’re really spenny.

What’s your favourite essential and why?

My plaque or my award because it’s nice to have recognition for what you do, and it just pushes me to keep going. So when I got the plaque for the Drake & Headie record, it just made me want more plaques, so I’m working harder to get those and to do more cool shit like that.