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LDN: On Air

[huge_it_slider id=”13″]   Today marks the opening of LDN: on Air, a workshop dedicated to all things Air in celebration of Nike’s annual Airmax Day. This years celebrations takes the creative and design behind the Air to young London, offering people the opportunity to design their own Airmax. In workshops, students will be taking inspiration from new silhouettes like the Vapormax Plus, to more iconic silhouettes such as the Nike Air bursts. Participants  are led through the sessions by mentors such as the Alex Hackett and David Mawdsley. The designs from each workshop will be put towards a panel of judges including Mini Swoosh and Skepta, who will decide their top three favourite designs; at which point it will then be put to a public vote to decide the winner. If you weren’t lucky enough to win a place in the workshops, you can still come down to the space and take part in the London: On Air experience till this Thursday. For more details, you can click here.