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London Will Always Remain Mine – Louis Leon Bever

“I’ve never understood why such beautiful cities are always hit the hardest”

Words and photography by Louis Bever


My Leica, a Caffe Nero Americano to takeaway and a note book. The usual items I have when traveling down to London either with work or to see friends. Liverpool to Euston takes 2 hours but I always avoid using public transport when in London.

I enjoy walking through London, even when going to the Royal Courts of Justice, I’ll always have my camera on me. It always raises the eye brows of the security in the courts. The diversity of the city always amazes me. People from completely different backgrounds connecting which each other. Spanish Tapas restaurants sitting next to Peruvian restaurants. Columbian coffee houses facing Moroccan markets. it’s amazing.
There’s always a photo opportunity in the city. Builders moving heavy equipment and families waiting for the bus. But London makes it look fantastic.
After living in Paris and commuting to London quite a lot, I never understand why such beautiful cities are always hit the hardest. I tried to show the beauty of the city through sunlight and people smiling into the sun and at each other. It’s not a city full of hate.
Every time I walk to work, I see people laughing with one another, and chatting. The tube on a Friday night is an amazing place also. Where you can make new friends over a water bottle filled with cheap whisky and Tesco’s own Coca Cola. Using the water bottle to conceal the liquid that was going to takeaway your dignity when you try and ask for the barmaids number in a touristy Irish Bar in China town.
I have the best memories in London. One of my favourite memories is myself ending up in a Casino with my French friends. I spent the evening motivating customers to follow their hearts with their gambling and losing a lot of money. It was only 10 pounds but as a student, it may as well have been 2000 pounds. The night then ending with a greasy McDonalds and not shutting up about seeing a fox.
Sweaty nights in Fabric where the smoking area was full of signet rings, cheap rolled up cigarettes and vintage Burberry shirts with missing buttons. I pretended that I used to really enjoy techno music but the atmosphere always use to make it for me.
London will always remain one of my favourite cities.