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Marbella Journal – Josh Dade

My time in Puerto Banús

Words and photography by Josh Dade

I haven’t visited Spain since I was three, it’s not my usual type of holiday destination, but I’m always up for something new. Another 2am get up, another yawn. I make my way down to my local airport as my flight boards around 5:30am and its a half hour drive. I’ve had the, what I now like to call ‘ritual’ Wetherspoons breakfast.

So, I’m staying in a place called ‘Puerto Banús’ , a ten minute drive from central Marbella. It’s an hour transfer from the airport, and I’m here. My apartment for the week is looking out onto the port, with many Yachts and boats anchored up, not a bad view to wake up to for a week.

Now my holiday is going to consist of eating nice meals and relaxing by the beach, with a touch of culture. So I will try my best to keep you entertained while you read, or even browse through the pictures.

I’ve taken a break from my 5D for a little bit, I wanted to create different visuals this time. I wanted to test myself and see what I could get out of snapping with a drone, Polaroid, 35mm camera and an iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait mode on the iPhone is the main reason I have it. I’m still using the 5D, but not as much for this trip.

I’m also taking a different approach with how I write this Journal. Previously, it’s been chronological, but this time, it’s gonna just be an image with a story to follow.

So these two pictures are taken from ‘Old Town Marbella’. Taken with an iPhone7 Plus, I still cannot believe the ‘ DSLR like ‘ quality that you can get out of portrait mode right now, it really does excite me for the future of smartphone cameras.

After a two hour walk from Puerto Banús it’s safe to say that my legs feel like they’re about to turn to jelly. It was a four mile walk, with the blazing sun burning into me, I’m not going to complain, I’ll make the most out of this hot and sunny day.

I walk around the Old Town for a couple of hours, and come across and open church. So what else should I do but explore and see what’s in there. It’s pretty beautiful inside. 

Finishing the day off, I find a little shop what sells flags. Where ever I travel now, I also make sure to buy the counties flag. Stick it on my wall and have a reminder of how blessed I am to be able to visit these places.

6:45AM was the time of this snap. I’ve gotten up early to get some crazy sunrise shots. The sunrise is so worth it, there’s something that refreshes you, waking up to an empty beach and a sunrise, like you’re on some deserted island and it’s just you and nature.

Not a great deal to say about this flick, other than I thought it looked cool and had never seen a cigarette dispenser.

I love how secluded and simple this photo is. Two men, eating lunch together. No phones, no distractions, just a flowing conversation.

Jamaica or Spain? This was at an empty beach bar, around 10:30am. So many shades of blue in one picture. 


I had absolutely no idea that this abandoned bull ring was here. I was looking through some footage, and noticed this stadium in the background. I finally clocked what it was, and had to get some mad aerial shot. It turns out it’s being knocked down soon, and is completed unused. 

That concludes my Marbella Journal! Thanks for reading and heres a cinematic drone video of my trip.