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Member Spotlight – Joe Kellaway

“To be a part of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo would be amazing”.
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My parents got me into karate when I was 6 years old due to my love for power rangers and rush hour; and the fact I would always copy the moves from the TV ahaha. I was about 14/15  when I realised that fighting was going be my life. This was after the junior worlds in Malaysia (my second cap representing England). My training program building up to a championship would be the normal run/sprints over the park in the morning, followed by gym work/pads in the afternoon. At night there will be more sparing and technical work with the top coaches; such as the club coach, England national coach William Thomas and national team. Closer to the championship I train in Yorkshire with assistant national coach Paul Newby, who makes me sharp and ready for the championships.

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I think it’s cool to say I’m pound for pound best fighter in England (open weight) and also number 1 in Britain (u21 -75kg), but that’s not my goal. My main goals is to medal at the European and Worlds individual and team event, but also to be a part of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo would be amazing.

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The basement means a lot to me; I’ve probably meet my closest friends through it, not to mention the group in general has always showed support for what I do, whether it’s online or at Supreme on a Thursday. So for that I want to thank everyone for the support, and hopefully I can make a special addition basement tee for the Olympic Games in 2020 if I make it!

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Image credit – Ewald Roth