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Open Source: Harry Blanksby

Open Source brings The Basement Group and their stories to you : We meet Harry Blanksby from Dubai.

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Having lived in Dubai pretty much my whole life, before going to university, I was lucky to grow up around some pretty cool cars which I’d say plays a massive part in me becoming absolutely addicted to cars. My dad had always had some pretty cool cars as I was growing up, my favourites are probably; e60 m5, v8 vantage and most recently the Huracán Performante. Making me even more of a car nut throughout my childhood.

Most people think Dubai’s all supercars and hypercars but its not in reality, theres a massive offroad scene as it’s a great way to get some peace in a city that essentially never sleeps.

When deciding what car to get when I turned 18 I’d always wanted something that could take me anywhere I wanted with ease, this is really where my love for Defenders started.

After deciding on a Defender we wanted to make it unique but keep it classy (essentially a resto-mod), this is where Twisted Automotive comes in to it, allowing us to completely customise the Defender inside and out.

The Defender started it’s life out in Germany as a farm vehicle back in 2015 where it spent 2 years working to earn its keep, from there we bought it sight unseen and sent it over to Twisted in Thirsk to modify it and send it over to Dubai.
About 12 months later it arrived here in late 2017, having had it for just over 3 years now there’s nothing else I’d rather have out here.

Since joining the cult that is Defender ownership I’ve created a Land Rovers owners group here in Dubai, which has grown to 300 members in just over 3 years and is now a government recognised entity out here. Through the group & the amazing car clubs/groups I’ve made numerous connections and friendships which has been one of the best parts of owning a car which has such a great community surrounding it.

Recently we replaced our LR4 with the new Defender to keep the Defender theme going, although the new Defender has all the creature comforts and over double the power (192hp vs 400hp) it just doesn’t evoke the same emotions as the original Defenders, which will always be my favourite.