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Real People Do Real Things: Hannah Alkindi

Young people do make me very hopeful.

Hannah left her home country of Croatia on her own at the age of 14, in a pursuit of a better basis for her education. She is very politically motivated and outspoken, constantly seeking knowledge, both through education and culture. Often typecast by her online persona, Hannah uses her influence to push a positive message to young people. In a world where women who are fashionable are celebrated more for their aesthetic than their intellect, she is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Real People Do Real Things.

Directed / Shot / Edited by Will & Ed Reid Produced by Poppy Ashton
Executive Producers: Will Reid and Alex Ropes

Creative Director: Alex Ropes
Photographers: Cosmo Webber / Jake Hartwell / Paolo Cimarra

Music: Lord Akira

Basement Approved Production