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Real People Do Real Things: Khulud Mahmoud

Wearing the hijab says that I am confident, liberated and not conforming to society.

An Islamic background and wearing a hijab isn’t what springs to mind when you picture someone who is infatuated with streetwear. But Khulud is an exception. Her story is about finding a way to “fit in” when stereotypes would dictate that you shouldn’t.

Living in a society that is currently rife with Islamophobia, Khulud is proof that what divides us is overemphasised, and that it is the things that we have in common that should be highlighted and celebrated. Regardless of religion, race, or any of the other things that are used to separate us, we are all people first; people that want to express themselves, wear what they want and be who they want to be.

Real People Do Real Things.

Directed / Shot / Edited by Will & Ed Reid Produced by Poppy Ashton
Executive Producers: Will Reid and Alex Ropes

Creative Director: Alex Ropes
Photographers: Cosmo Webber / Jake Hartwell / Paolo Cimarra

Music: Lord Akira

Basement Approved Production