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Real People Do Real Things: Slowthai

Be true to who you are.

Proud of both his Bajan heritage and the town which he was raised (identified by the NN postcode tattooed on his finger), slowthai grew up in households surrounded by music and influences that have certainly shaped him into the artist and character we see today.

Hailing from a place not known or celebrated for its creative outputs, his story is a testament to the fact that in a London-centric country, we must not forget to support and acknowledge creativity from all over.

His rise has seen him overcome financial and social hardships through his determination and confidence in his own identity and remaining true to himself, regardless of what others think of him.

Real People Do Real Things.

Directed / Shot / Edited by Will & Ed Reid Produced by Poppy Ashton
Executive Producers: Will Reid and Alex Ropes

Creative Director: Alex Ropes
Photographers: Cosmo Webber / Jake Hartwell / Paolo Cimarra

Music: Lord Akira

Basement Approved Production