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Real People Do Real Things: Vicky Grout

The ever growing power of young people is really inspiring.

One of the most well-known and loved photographers in the country right now. Over the past couple of years, Vicky has documented the grime scene like no other throughout its second coming and rise to mainstream acclaim.

Documenting a subculture that was born from deprivation has given Vicky a heightened awareness of the struggles of others. As a young white person within a predominantly black subculture, she feels a responsibility to push a message of equality and change perceptions via her work.

Real People Do Real Things.

Directed / Shot / Edited by Will & Ed Reid Produced by Poppy Ashton
Executive Producers: Will Reid and Alex Ropes

Creative Director: Alex Ropes
Photographers: Cosmo Webber / Jake Hartwell / Paolo Cimarra

Music: Lord Akira

Basement Approved Production