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Thats Alright Innit – Herman Ze German


So after a proper long week, I finally found time to go hit up another joint in central. IMG_0601j

I really wanted a hot dog so we headed over to Herman Ze German for a Bockwurst.IMG_0647j

Interior of this place was real authentic. Wooden seating with mad taps on the wall and different photos of Germany and friends dotted around.

Staff were fantastic, couldn’t fault them.

I started off with a “lagerbier” that was recommended to me which I could only compare to a soft Peroni.IMG_0595j

My only moan of this place was the music, I’m not sure if it was someone’s iPod on shuffle but I heard Dido and then Dizzee… yeah. If it was my place I would have actual elder German women yodelling and dancing around, not Bonkers, that aint working.

I went for a Bockwurst, a fat pork sausage topped with a German Cheddar in a soft bun.IMG_0614j

As hotdogs go, Herman Ze German smashed it. Sausage was great, bun was naughty and the cheese topped it off. I hit it with a little German ketchup and a dash of mustard to give it that little extra warmth.IMG_0627j

Pricing was very reasonable. £5.50 for the dog and can’t remember how much the beers were but they were worth it. The fries were real good too, not too crunchy but not too soft.

If you’re in Soho and want an authentic dog and not any of that Odeon shit on that rotating warm water, then head over and check this spot out.IMG_0636j

The food, the layout and the fact I got to wash my hands with nice soap at the end means I’m going to give this place an 8/10.

“Herman Ze German, far from the Wurst”

Words by Jake Hartwell