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Thats alright innit – Mockingbird

And there’s a reason why I return..


Mockingbird has been a spot that I have been too before and there’s a reason why I return.

I’m not gassing when I say the chicken there is better than anywhere I have been to in London.

They do a special there which is a buttermilk fried chicken breast with slaw and sweet potato fries. This chicken is done perfectly. It boasts a thin crisp outer layer with herbs yet remains succulent on the inside like a Spanish peach.646A2372j

I really can’t fuck with sweet potato. Tayler loves it and I guess there is a stark difference between our bodies so I should probably listen when he says there a good source of carbs with low calories. Hello bellyo.

I have always had trouble with prawns throughout my life. When I was a young child I chose to eat a basket of 30 prawns on holiday in Cornwall with my grandparents and was unbelievably sick during the 5 hour journey home. But I’m starting to get back into sea food as an attempt to conquer the seas.


I had a Cajun prawn starter which I actually really enjoyed. It had a good kick to it and when dipped in the chilli Mayo was a naughty combo.

Overall the food was fantastic. The service was great and I think we waited around 15 minutes in total for the food to come.


My only issue with this place is the fact it is all glass and the sun was causing a mad greenhouse effect which whilst I was trying to eat wasn’t enjoyable so I had to move. Oh and the ikea cutlery, I didn’t like that.


Apart from that this place gets a solid 8.5/10 and is a must for anyone living or visiting Birmingham. Bill came to less than £20 too.


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Words by Jake Hartwell

Photos by Adam Rose/@Boiled___frog