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What Have They Been Doing To Stay Inspired?

The Baesment is the female community of The Basement, championing women’s fashion, streetwear and culture. 

It’s important for women to be able to have a platform for their voices to be heard, their style to be seen, and for their mark to be made

The Baesment is made up of womxn from all over the world, making it not only a global community, but a place of unity. Creatives, artists and freelancers make up a large part of that community, however due to the pandemic, a lot of them have been affected, and some even out of work.

We reached out to the Baesment community to see how they have been affected by Covid-19, how they are keeping busy during lockdown, and how they have been able to stay inspired.

[Covid-19] hasn’t affected me that bad. I mean there’s worse situations. But I really miss being in the city, going to appointments, shoots and all the stuff that makes me love my job. 

To stay inspired I read books, I listen to music. Watch all my favorite movies and some new ones I’ve missed. And I’m also into documentaries these days. I can’t stop listening to Twinsmatic’s new album called ATLAS. My favorite song from the album is a feature with Marj named “IBTU”, I hit the replay button every time.

I’ve been reading (for the 4th time) The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. It’s my favorite book. To me it’s the best life lesson you can ever read. I’ve [also] been watching a lot of Disney movies as Disney+ just came in and I’m a big fan of this universe. And also Japanese animated movies.

If I have one advice to give it will be: go with your own rhythm. If you feel like you’re lazy someday just be lazy and it’s okay. If you want to do a thousand things and do a huge to-do list you can do so. But don’t feel pressured by that “me must do a lot” madness.

Being a DJ during this situation technically means that I’m out of work, but I’ve been keeping myself busy by recording live streams and mixes.

I’ve been listening to a mixture of genres, but it’s all pretty chill vibes. Top 3 tracks at the moment would probably be Knucks – Home, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations – Late Nights & Heartbreak, Michael Jackson – Break of Dawn.

I’m being super lazy with reading lately. I’ve been working my way through Sapiens slowly but surely but it’s an interesting read. [Also] Honey Boy by Shia LaBeouf is a really good watch. Unorthodox on Netflix is also a really interesting miniseries.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking (since I have the time) and it’s a lot more satisfying than wasting money on take-aways. Also the Nike Training app has become my best friend, the yoga workouts are a great way to stay grounded during times like this.

I usually do work from home a lot but during this time a lot of things have been on hold. Such as photo shoots I was supposed to be modelling for, and shoots I was supposed to be styling. Being patient and staying positive that this will all come to an end and we can make up for those shoots ! 

Everyday if it’s for hours or just for a few minutes I get on my laptop and bring out my notebook and I just brainstorm. When this virus is long gone I plan on getting back in my studio to continue directing/ styling  shoots. So to keep my brain going and staying creative I plan and jot down ideas for these shoots. I make mood-boards, look up different content such as old and new look-books, look up different photography photos, different poses for the model, and jot down my ideas.

I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and just “feel good music”. At night when I’m all showered up, skin care on, and my glass of wine I’ll listen to a lot of Sade, Jhene Aiko, Drake, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Summer Walker, Masego, Brent Faiyaz. During the day if I’m around the house just cleaning or chilling in my room I like to listen to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, The Brothers Johnson, Lisa Lisa and cult Jam, Tame Impala, Sampha, and omg the list goes on haha. I love music. 

I’m really into poetry, especially if it’s coming from a Woman. I’m reading “the sun and her flowers” by Rupi Kaur. She’s honestly so amazing. Her words truly touch my soul. I feel every Woman should get this book. Teaches you SO much about self love. I also love a good mystery read. So I’m reading the book “Gone Girl”. It’s insane ! Great movie also.

I honestly have been on YouTube a lot. Watching different interviews and docs. Whether it’s a young designer, or a designer who started out with 500 dollars, a designer who started their brand late, etc. These videos have been keeping me so motivated and I learn a lot from them. A great show I just discovered is “broad city” omg this show always has me cracking up! These girls are nuts haha. 

[In terms of self-care] I’d just say to really really listen to your mind or your bodies. It’s amazing to stay productive and work on your craft during this time, but it’s also more than okay to have days where you don’t want to do a thing. Let’s not forget we are in a pandemic… This is the best time to get in tune with our inner selves.

Work out, meditate, get that skin care poppin, learn some new healthy recipes, read a new book, step outside for fresh air, organise your room or closet etc! 💕

I am currently in the South of France, I have a little village summer house down here. It’s peaceful and keeping me sane. I luckily managed to escape before covid19 hit it’s peak in London so I’m grateful for that. 

At the moment I am very much focused on keeping myself healthy, active and expressing positive change through my social media. Travelling is something I really enjoy, so thankfully modelling coincides with it, which is a big bonus. I enjoy fashion, photography, as well as singing. Eventually my aim is to make my own music and find my own personal music style. Music is something I’ve always felt very close to, it keeps me grounded. 

Unfortunately not being able to travel to and from places has definitely had an affect, unable to use public transport for example makes this a lot harder. Close proximity in work environments isn’t allowed, which can have a toll on any photographic project as having a crew with different skills is essential in the creative industry. The limited places to shoot have made it challenging for brands to produce the concept as aesthetically pleasing as they hoped for. Lastly makeup artists or hair stylists won’t have the opportunity to work with any models until the lockdown is released. My heart goes out to all the incredible freelance artists who play such a big part in the end result of any shoot that requires; makeup artists, hair stylists, clothes stylists, lighting assistance, editors and photographers. 

I have been taking everyday as it comes, for the most part I have been looking forward to eating good food everyday. Watching Netflix has been enjoyable, I like to fit in a workout everyday too! This keeps my mind clear and makes me feel better about not being able to socialise. 

Currently I have also been teaching myself how to use a sewing machine properly, natural dyeing on vintage french linen using ; beetroot, turmeric, avocado skins and pits, tea bags… etc. This has certainly been a tricky experiment but it’s rewarding knowing that the end result is environmentally friendly and chemical free, with these random patches of dyed linen, I am in the process of making handmade bags. 

Due to having so much time, I’ve been listening to a mixture of old and new music. For example ; D’Angelo, Burna Boy, Four Tet, Shlohmo, King Krule, Dababy, Ashanti, Miraa May, Brent Faiyaz, Lord Apex, Young Nudy, Bakar, 80purppp, Masterpeace, Ramriddlz, Kodak Black, Little Simz, Lausse The Cat, Steve Lacy, P-rallel, Trippie Redd, Sir, Tyler The Creator, The Weeknd, Homeshake, Kanye West, Joey Badass, Sade, Lil Tjay, Don Toliver, Niniola, Dan Universe, Clairo, Lancey Foux, Tierra Whack, Sam wise, Kaytranada, JHus… etc.

I am trying my best to improve my overall patience when it comes to reading, I tend to watch documentaries more. Although at the moment I’ve been reading ‘THE POWER OF NOW’ which has been eye opening. [I have been watching] Money Heist, Fargo, Tiger King, Too hot To Handle, anime, I also watch YouTube quite a lot, it’s like a tardis, once you start, you’ll be clicking away at random videos for hours. 

Always remember to wash your face every morning and evening before bed, keep it clean and rejuvenated with a natural face wash, rose toners are really helpful to even out skin tone and freshen the face. After I usually will use a natural face moisturiser, I recommend ( Weleda Skin Food) or (Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream), my skin is pretty normal but is more on the dry side so these are extremely hydrating. 

Try to eat ‘clean’ as much as you can, as well as drinking lots of water, usually the condition of your skin is a reflection of what is happening internally. 

Lastly, Stretching a little bit everyday will reduce muscle tension and make you feel more relaxed. 

I’ve been trying to do this everyday, so far these are all my self care tips 🙂 

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