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What’s happening in India?

You may have seen images or quotes being shared over Social Media regarding what is currently happening in India. It’s hardly been covered by the media, so we wanted to educate our community on the facts.

The India government passed three bills claiming to make farming in India more efficient. Over 70% of India’s rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood.

The reforms will loosen rules around the sale, pricing and storage of farm produce, and will now allow sales directly to private businesses.

The reforms give farmers the option of selling outside of the “Mandi System”, which is controlled by the government.

On paper this sounds like a good thing, but farmers are concerned that this will lead to the end of wholesale markets and assured prices, leaving them with no back-up option.

Naseemo Kaur (left) shouts slogans during a protest in the Moag area of Punjab, India, on Oct. 1.

Farmers will initially feel attracted towards the private buyers, who will offer a batter price, bankrupting the government Mandis and then the exploitation will start.

The passing of the bills starts a nationwide strike that involved over 250 million people, with transport unions supporting by halting the transportation of supplies.

These peaceful protests were instantly met with violence from government forces, internet and social media was cut to stop the protestors sharing their peaceful message.

Indian police cut food and water supply to protest sites, harmed and unlawfully arrested innocent protesters and their family members. Tear gas, batons and water cannons have been used to instigate chaos, state-owned news outlets created false propaganda to instill hatred against the farmers.

Peaceful protests were carried out all around the world in reaction to the last of human rights for those protesting in India.

What can we do to help?

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