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3 Rolls Of Gold, Louis Bever

Paris and London, three rolls of gold
































A letter from Louis:

Hey Tayler,

I hope you like the 3 rolls I sent over to you. They are possibly my favourite rolls. I was incredibly lucky over Christmas with photography. Although I started my trip back to Paris being intoxicated on the plane due to the Lost Art Skaters and their generosity with beers, I had a fantastic Christmas. The lighting was phenomenal and on a lot of the pictures, there was a misty haze over Paris. It was most likely pollution but it made my pictures look pretty.
I have completely parred of digital photography now. It bores me so I only took back my Leica and my Contax T2 which was unfortunately stolen at New Year (Bastard).
On the first rolls, I took my Leica to La Defense which is sort of like the business district in West Paris. I chucked on my North Face jacket , Slip ons and horrendously baggy dickies rolled up to my ankles because i’m artsy and down with the kids. To be honest, I was surprised about how good it was to shoot. There was a clash of old and new French architecture which looked great in the sun. I had a load of fun shooting it and I ended up shooting 2 rolls of Portra 400 in 2 hours. I got back in time for my Mum’s roast which was great too. Shout outs to my mum for smashing the beef joint and stuffing.
The second roll was just a mix of London and Paris. My Dad and I decided to go and do a couple of art galleries and an old French mansion that used to be owned by a wealthy Jewish family. Again, the weather was amazing and my Dad really enjoys watching me take photos which is really cool. He wants to get into it so i’m influencing the older generation too. Maybe. Potentially. Lord knows.
I haven’t been so excited in rolls of film since the summer, so 2017 has been great already. I hope people enjoy my photos. I loved them personally.
Words and Photos by Louis Bever