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Los Angeles – Milo Black

The City of Angels (And Photoshoots)

A few weeks ago me and my two friends went to Los Angeles to work on a shoot with Adidas. After a fairly long hiatus from shooting, I picked up a new camera and decided I would use this trip to start up my personal work again. I wanted to start documenting real life, not anymore shoots for brands. I wanted to document what I do in my day-to-day life because I am fortunate enough to be able to travel and work in lots of different places.

When I got home from the trip and reviewed my photos, I was happy with what I’d captured. Rather than looking for ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’ things to shoot I instead tried to capture real emotions and moments that I encountered over my time there.  The reason I wanted to put these shots up on here is because for the first time in about five years of taking photos I was personally really happy with a full collection of images. Not just one or two shots like normal. I felt like I somewhat told a story, and didn’t just take a pretty picture.

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Words – Milo Black

Photos – Milo Black