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Amsterdam – Josh Dade

Josh Dade’s exploration of Amsterdam through beautiful images

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read my previous journal ‘Paris’, it means a lot to know people actually rate something you’ve created.

So, I’m off to Amsterdam, I booked it as soon as I got back from Paris, because I just wanted to get out there and explore! I’m trying to see so much of Europe this year, before heading to Asia or the States next year. Travelling just makes you more widened to the world out there. My flight is leaving at 7:00am, I get to the airport for 5:50am, grab a Wetherspoons breakfast and head to the gate. easyJet said the flight was an hour, turns out it’s actually forty minutes, that’s a win. It takes longer to drive to London from mine. As I approached for landing the sunrise is crazy beautiful. Im very excited for what this holds.

We land and the weather is bleak, it’s -4° and my hands are freezing by the second. I get a taxi into central Amsterdam as the trains aren’t running. Most of the taxis out here are Tesla, a bit of an upgrade from the black cab. Also, it’s 10:00am and nobody is about, it’s a ghost town, I’m very confused. This is the city of the night though, and I guess the day doesn’t really start to get busy until midday.

The first thing I try to check out is Patta, maps say it’s five minutes away from my hotel. I look and look but no dice. I’m so so confused where it is, I’m looking at images on google to try and see if it’s the right street, watching YouTube videos, but no, I can’t see it at all. I’ve given up, I will try again later.

It’s now midday, and the first thing to do is, The Sexmuseum. I’ve heard about it, it’s a main attraction over here. It’s an experience, I’ll say that. At €4 an entry, it’s a real deal. I won’t go into it, so you’ll just have to imagine it or visit yourself.

I’m now checked into the hotel, dropped all my stuff off and get things on charge. I’ve brought my drone with me, so having a full phone battery is crucial. The room has a pretty cool view, it’s not a crazy skyline view, but it is the fifth floor and has a ledge I can climb out onto and get some good flicks.

2:00pm and I’m walking to catch a tram down to Vondlepark, a huge open space , forty acres I read online. This is the only place I will be able to take my drone up, without any interference or more importantly police. The park is ten minutes on the tram and a travel pass for it is €3. That’s right, €3 for unlimited transport around Amsterdam for the day. This is the first time I’ve taken a drone to another Country so I was a little anxious about getting it through security, but it’s here and I’m very excited to take it to the sky. I only had it up for about two minutes, I didn’t want anything to happen or someone to come over and tell me to stop, up, get the nice shots and down, easy.

Time to grab a waffle, I’ve seen amazing looking waffles in loads of bakery windows all day. I grab one covered in chocolate sauce and crushed Oreos. It was nice, very nice if I’m honest.

I venture round for a couple more hours, taking in all the sites and atmosphere of Amsterdam. It’s so nice to see a city on water, it’s just so different. I mean, no skyscrapers to block the skyline. It’s totally different to London. Apparently, they are 100 different Canals and over 1000 bridges in all of Amsterdam. Even the shopping malls are beautiful.

I decide to head back to the hotel, grab some room service for dinner, a nice burger will do the trick. Classic brioche bun, patty, onions, bacon and a lot of sauce. Burgers are great.

It’s the following morning and I’ve only got 8 hours until I need to be a the station to catch my train back to the Airport. I’m going to try a find Patta again, it’s near The Red Light District. I’ve finally found it. This shop is dope, I’ve been to the London one, and I would say this store is 3x the size if you include upstairs. I cop a five panel and a couple of tee’s.

So Patta was sick, it’s now time to grab a boat tour of the city, I mean, I want to find out and see all of Amsterdam before I head home. It costs €10 for an hour tour, that is a deal I can’t turn down. The sun is shining and the boat is heated. It’s a nice tour, and I’m taking in everything I’m seeing. The Anne Frank House being one of them. It’s really mad to think that five years ago, the idea of a boat tour would have bored me so much, and now I’m all over it and it’s pretty cool. Learning about other countries culture is amazing.

It’s about 3 o’clock now and I only have a couple hours left until I need to be at the station. I decide just explore, no intention of getting to a destination. I grab a little snack from an independent cafe. The most fresh BLT I’ve ever eaten. It was next level.

I get to the train station, catch my train and head back to the airport. It’s crazy how it’s only been 36 hours since I arrived. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a short trip like this. It was cool, it’s enlightening to get away, clear your mind and refuel your creativity.

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