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Amsterdam’s Creatives Meet Puma Cell

Puma’s 90’s retros meet Amsterdam’s creative future

We are all getting familiar with the creative landscape in London. It’s our home, we are friends and family with a lot of talented young creatives making waves in the city, and we are exposed to their outputs daily across numerous channels. Sometimes, it’s crazy to think that you can fly to Amsterdam quicker than you can catch a tube from one side on London to another, but yet we are so limited in our exposure to their creatives and their output.

With that in mind, we headed to Amsterdam to chill with Ray Fuego and Ghost, two of Amsterdam’s leading music artists and members of top Amsterdam based creative collective, SMIB, to see what they made of the Puma Cell range for their daily movements. We cruised their home town, bumping into loads of their friends on the move and swung by their studio to hear some of their unreleased music, all while rocking the Cell Venom and Endura respectively. What was clear was that the retro 90’s silhouettes were ahead of their time, ready to wear for young creatives in 2018 to compliment their active lifestyle. They looked real good on foot, too.

Both shoes are now available for purchase at leading retailers, with the Cell Venom’s releasing today.

Photos by Cosmo Webber

Styled by Tirino Yspol