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Brutalist London

My 5 favourite buildings in London.

Architecture and the brutalist style in particular, has always interested me and as I have recently moved to our capital city, I thought it would be rude not to explore and share, my 5 favourite buildings.

Alexandra Road Estate

Designed in 1968 by architect Neave Brown, constructed then started in 1972 and the estate was finally completed in 1978. The estate consists of 3 parallel, residential, blocks. The design of the building acts as a noise barrier to eliminate the sound and vibration of the West Coast Main line that runs to the North.

Broadwater Farm Estate

Broadwater Farm is one of the most notorious estates in London. Renown for being at the heart of the 1980’s riots, the estate was also linked with the riots in 2011, whatever the reputation, the architecture and colours of the build have a unique look.

Centre Point

An understated building situated by Tottenham Court road. Centre Point was designed by Richard Seifert and completed in 1966.


No London based, brutalist piece would be complete without the Barbican. A staple of the London skyline. Dubbed the “Street in the sky”.

National Theatre

 Architect Denys Lasdun’s famous National Theatre was completed in 1976. Sitting directly next to the river Thames this building is formed from various concrete structures creating a beautiful, brutalist landscape. Splitting opinions since it’s creation, this is my favourite piece of architecture in London.

Words and images by Elliot Jones