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The Everest Base Camp, Timothy Suen

The scenery was unsurprisingly nothing short of breathtaking, magnificent mountain ranges, glaciers and the clearest of skies.


Morning Walk

Everest Base Camp was my first, and definitely not last, “serious” trekking experience. I’d describe this trip as humbling and culturally enriching. Our entire trip lasted 11 days, 9 of which spent trekking in the mountains. This was a considerably fast trek, with average groups taking 12-16 days to complete the trek to EBC and back. With that being said, I think we underestimated the challenges ahead of us, especially the adaption to altitude, as the duration of trip did not allow us any time to acclimatise. Acute mountain sickness (AMS) got so bad for one of my friends, that he had to be evacuated on the 4th day; a day before our anticipated arrival to EBC.  But challenges aside, I’d like to briefly share the highlights of this trip.
Shepherd and his Yaks
The scenery was unsurprisingly nothing short of breathtaking; magnificent mountain ranges, glaciers and the clearest of skies. The star-filled night sky was a refreshing sight, which one doesn’t get to see too often, or at all, in a metropolitan city. We stayed in lodges, or tea houses as they call it, where we also had our meals. Food there has been pretty commercialised to accommodate the taste buds of tourists. However, it is recommended to stay away from meat as it isn’t fresh so we went vegetarian for 9 days. Being an avid meat lover, it really wasn’t that unbearable actually. The Nepalese cook up some pretty bomb Dal Bhat( Rice + Spinach+ Curry Potato + Lentil Soup) and their attempts with pasta were commendable as well.
Many men are trained from young to transport goods through the mountains
Despite the cultural shifts to adapt to tourism, I think that their local culture has not been eroded unlike some other ecotourism destinations. I could go on but I think I will now let the images I took during the trip speak.
People have asked me whether it’s worth it, and I would say yes without hesitation. Take some time away from technology, appreciate the beauty of nature and give back to the less fortunate. If you have any questions regarding this trip, feel free to drop me an email at
Namche Bazaar
Night Sky
Our guide
Transporting fire wood
First view of Everest
Children in their school uniform
Monk infront of the biggest monastery in Sagarmatha Nationa Park
This way to EBC
We made it
One of the many convenience stores back in Kathmandu
 Bustling never stops
Near Durbar Square
Words and photos by Timothy Suen.