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‘Faces’ by Anna Laurini

Not just another pretty face.

‘Faces’, an exhibition by Anna Laurini & curated by Loulua Zawawi, ran from 3/3/16 – 13/3/16 at 3 Percy Street. If you’ve been to London in the past couple of months, you’ll know her work- “unique square portraits, with sleek brush strokes and bold lines”.


The recognizable portrait has become a favourite when trying to give your finest WDYWT fit pics an edgy street art background. However, theres more to these pieces than just enhancing your latest insta post.

The [exhibiton exclusive] zine writes: “The woman in the portrait is never in a rush to find another half; she stands out, patiently waiting for whatever may add value to her existence; even if it is the other half of her” and “a rather romanticised and poetic message that evokes positive connotations”.10411980_1568596920099129_5507860233821937902_n

After first seeing her work on a back street of Southwark in October, I was immediately a fan… so walking into the two-floored gallery was captivating. Body sized canvas’ dripping with colour hung from the walls and metallic silver outlines radiated from the portraits. A desk, which sat Laurini and Zawawi, sported prints that I assume were for sale.  The stairwell was decorated with a variety of Laurini-graffitied novel pages, whilst the lower level showcased pieces that incorporated multiple mediums (and a few chairs) into the installations.


As similar as they all seem, each piece tells an indivudal story- occasionally shown through “thoughtful lines or quotes”. Laurini spent years in cities such as Milan, New York & London – studying at Art Student League Academy, Fashion Institute Tech & Central Saint Martins Fine Arts College. Drawing influence from each experience and learning to listen to, and take inspiration from, her own “creative pulse”.


The zine writes: “Anna Laurini’s art encourages oneself to think outwardly, whilst keeping an ear open to one’s inner emotions. Inspired by the backdrop of the city skyline, motivated by the tides of her ebbing impulse, Anna’s work is evermore engaging and thought-provoking”.


Keep an eye out for more of her work on instagram! Or via her website

Introduction photograph by Josh Nice

Written by Sadie Bailey, check out her site here.