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Killucan Boys

We went shooting for supper.

My oldest friend, Jack (the lad in the orange), moved to Ireland when we were 6. Since then I’ve been visiting him once a year. He lives in a place called Killucan. It’s about an hour outside of Dublin and the closest town, Mullingar, is about the size of Soho. Growing up in London, I find it very refreshing going out there. The houses are far apart and fields full of cows and sheep surround them.

The young people out in Killucan lead a completely different life to those in London. When’s the last time you went out on a 4 hour walk with your friends? Or hunted for dinner? For a London boy, life out there is almost unrecognisable, but its wholesome and refreshing to escape the double yellows and grey pavements once in a while. It’s relaxing yet stimulating, and provides a different perspective that can create nuance in my work at home.

The shots in this series were taken when I was rambling through the lush green of the countryside and taking aim at what was going to be on the table later that night.

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Words and photos by Milo Black