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Portus Dubris, a photo series by Jay Goodsell

‘Worst place to live within the UK’

With Dover becoming one of the most important towns within the UK, and often known as the gateway to Europe or for it’s famous White Cliffs. The town itself is frequently forgotten, and recently receiving a lot of negative press. The small but vital town to the country was voted at number one as the ‘worst place to live within the UK’. This is what struck me and the main reason I wanted to make work there. Not only is Dover the entry point for many visiting guests from the continent but also is our main port that product travels through, leaving the question, what is so bad about the town to be voted number one?

Dover is not only is undergoing drastic structural changes, it also leaves many still having no idea what will happen to the town after the UK leaves the European Union; whether it will benefit from the changes or suffer a loss of identity. Amidst the chaos, Dover, and the ‘Dovorians’, as its residents like to be known, has remained strong and stuck by their town.

‘Portus Dubris’ which derives from the towns roman beginnings, is a body of work that explores Dovers landscapes and a sense of the uncommon.


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