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Badapest, Rémy Barreyat

Photographer and Videographer Rémy Barreyat amazes us once again with the third installment of his video triptych.

Lucky for me, I was able to catch the premiere of ‘Badapest’ at the Rave Skateboards x Perdu pop up/party earlier this month in Bordeaux.

‘Badapest’ stars Pj Chapius, of Rave Skateboards, in the heart of Budapest last December. “Rémywas supposed to come see me for 8 days! He ended up staying for a month!” PJ exclaims. This isn’t a rare occurrence, I’m assured, as the two have spent time in both Zaragoza (Spain) and Paris filming the other two videos of the set.

“The desire to try something together spurred naturally… and it worked out pretty well.”


Having been featured on reputable platforms such as Kingpin Mag, Place & Sugar Skate Mag- you know this isn’t a video to miss.

Watching them in chronological order seems to make sense, because you can feel the evolution of style in all the way, the music, the gear, the filming. But no rules after all!” Rémy states.

And just so you get the full intensity of the duo’s talent, here are the other two videos from the set.60 Hours in Zaragoza’

Under Paris

 All edited and filmed by Rémy Barreyat, additional footage by El Bofo and PJ Chapuis.
Rémy‘s work doesn’t stop there. I was fortunate enough to see his photography on display at the previously mentioned pop up/party, and as soon as I did- I fell in love, proclaiming that as soon as I get my new apartment I’m going trigger happy on his prints. You can find these on his personal website, Below are a selection of my personal favourites.