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Sadie Bailey’s Ripper

“The more the merrier, bring your own booze though I’m a struggling artist”

Sadie Bailey’s exciting new venture, “RIPPER” by Project Upcoming, explores the subcultures of skateboarding and everything relevant.

The exhibition will feature work from photographers and illustrators from all over the globe and some personal pieces created by Sadie herself.

With this project Sadie is straying from the monotonous line up often found at art shows and is crafting a collaborative creative hub instead with the intention of giving others credit for the inspiration they have given Sadie herself.

The installation debuts at the ‘Parlour Present’ gallery space in Shoreditch at 8pm 23rd March and runs until 30th March.

I had a couple questions about the event, so I got in contact with Sadie and here’s what I found out.


Why did you decide to call the project ‘Ripper’?

By definition- a “ripper” is a tool that’s used to tear or break something, so I could go on about the beauty of imperfection & even more abstractly disregarding social conventions… but in all honesty, I just really really like the word. I want it tattooed on my inner lip.

Did the location correlate to the theme of the project you have set?

The show definitely wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t at Parlour. It’s got the raw & gritty aspect to it, which you can only find in a gallery space at the back of the skate shop in Shoreditch. I mean, how cool does that sound? A gallery space in the back of a skate shop! 

I’m super stoked & eternally grateful that Bryce believed in my ideas before I even believed in them myself. 

You mentioned that you didn’t want it to be a monotonous line up, why is this?

I really hate walking into an exhibition, especially during the Private View / Launch Night, and everyone is just standing there making small talk whilst barely glimpsing up at artwork. I think it’s boring when you have a whole room with framed prints lined up at eye level. Viewing the art becomes much less captivating and more like a routine inspection. Even like big shows at the Tate can bore me if there’s no creativity behind the curation. 

Best exhibition I’ve ever been to was by Tino Sehgal at Palais de Tokyo. It was extremely unconventional, and very unsettling at times… but it made me  push myself mentally. I left the exhibition feeling as if I knew myself, and the two friends I was with, way better than before. (For anyone interested, have a read of this article. It’s great!


Do you feel like individual work is something of the past and working in collaboration is something of the future?

For sure! No one stands stronger alone. I think there’s a lot of elitism in the creative industries. Especially with the influx of Instagram as an artistic platform and who has more followers / gets more like etc… 

If this was a show of just my work, no one would care. I can’t paint, let alone draw a straight line & I can only take a good photograph when I’ve had a few drinks. My creativity and my motivation comes solely from the people I choose to surround myself with. That’s essentially what Project Upcoming is about- bringing like minded people together so we can all support & motivate each other to thrive creatively. 

What would you like to see come of this project for all parties involved?

 If the constant effort, hard-work & dedication of the artists I’m working with can be acknowledged and appreciated- I’m happy. 

It’s extremely important to respect and cherish art because it’s the only thing that can bring light to the darkest of days. 

Sadie’s ethos is contagious and I cannot wait to see the work come to life!

Words by Jacob-Earl