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Snowdonia, A Photo Series By Elliot Jones

Elliot explores Snowdonia national park

After being invited to Swansea to shoot a series on the skate scene there, a good friend and I decided to make a trip out of it.

With both of us being photographers and both being based out of London, we decided to exchange the grey tones of the capital for some rolling hills and snow-capped mountains. With the Alps too far of a drive the Rockies out of our budget we settled on 2 days in Snowdonia.

Hopefully the images below give you an idea of what this beautiful national park looks like and may even inspire more people to get out there and explore what is on our door step.


The sun shining through a valley, captured whilst driving to our first location



Mist rolling in over jagged rocks


 Autumn colours meet in the bottom of a valley

A mountain road leads to a lake


Even with the breath-taking scenery, I managed to grab a couple of portraits

snowdon_8 This final shot is my personal favourite from the series, it sums up the region perfectly and is a huge contrast to the city we left from.

Be sure to check out my website; and my Instagram @jones_photo for this series and also the upcoming skate series from Swansea.