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Springtime Smog – Joe Harris

A true glimpse of what it’s like to grow up on Teesside


‘Springtime Smog’ is a photo-series which I have put together over spring and early summer, documenting young people and youth culture across Teesside. Shooting with an Olympus AF1 mini on Poundland film, the photo-series acts as documentary of the lives of young people from an often looked down upon area, exploring hedonism, ecstasy and joy in the wake of a tough year for the community. My influence and inspiration comes from the people I meet and socialise with every day. I feel the north east (especially with regards to young people) is massively misrepresented and I want to offer a true glimpse of what it’s like to grow up on Teesside. The government continue to strip away the North East’s identity, taking away our industry and our jobs, but I hope my photos offer an insight into our lives, showing we’re far from down and out.


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Photos and words by Joe Harris.