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Tom McKay – Cambodian Travels

Tom McKay’s travels to Cambodia, documented through beautiful photos.

To view Angkor Wat temple is an experience lusted after by many but sadly experienced by few. Last Monday I was fortunate enough to be able to witness it with my own eyes and more importantly through my own lense. The temple itself was built in 1113 and 1150 by King Suryavarman II and is a vast and highly detailed structure that encompasses an area of roughly 820,000 square meters that is surrounded by a man made moat that could easily be passed off as a natural river. The temple itself is still used by local Buddhists as a place of worship even today. The Architecture was inspired by Cambodian Buddhist design as well as Indian influences. The favourite spot to shoot and view it from is the refection pond which is situated in front of the temple entrance. At sunrise the days first rays create an incredible effect which is a dream for photographers and travel buffs alike. To view such a spiritual place in Its best light was a life changing experience and most definitely changed my view on the scale of human history. To think that ancient beings designed an built such a vast and intricate structure made me as a human feel very small and put into perspective how deep our history as a species is. To every member of the basement and human in general. If you get the opportunity to travel to to this magical place. Seize it.

Words  – Tom McKay 

Photography – Tom McKay 

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