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Train Stations – Knuckler Kane

One of the worlds most sought after photographers tells us about his peculiar interest in shooting train stations..

I like train stations.

I’m not too sure when my fascination with photographing train stations began but ever since my interest began I have spent an unknown number of hours in different cities all around Europe including London, Paris, Vienna, Munich and Warsaw shooting them.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to rely on the weather. All you have to worry about it is the timing; if you want an empty station its best to shoot in the evenings during the week. If your city trip is only planned for the weekend just bring a tripod; A long exposure eliminates all the people passing by, the only person you won’t get rid of is the guy standing on his phone listening to music not going anywhere.

You also have to hope for the best that no security guards are around, trying to bust you for using a tripod. Funnily enough they are actually forbidden in most stations around the world because they are a ‘trip hazard’.

I totally understand why people often don’t get the beauty of stations, they are the places in-between your destination, where you spend your time waiting to go to somewhere you actually want to be but this is exactly the reason I like shooting in train stations so much; I want to show people the beauty of the urban environment. I like to change the mundane and every-day environments into interesting spaces that look completely different from person. I’m always happy when someone tells me that a tube stop, which they have passed through numerous times in real life, can look so stunning in pictures.

I’m always on the hunt for new stations to shoot so, no matter where you are in the world, hit me up on instagram and tell me.

Words and Photographs – Kane Holz 

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