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Europe after BREXIT – Amsterdam

It’s about exploring humanity, beauty and culture in Europe



 Europe after BREXIT was a name I gathered inspiration from whilst I was in Amsterdam. As soon as we left the train station, a bar had changed around the letters on it’s shop front to ‘F^CK BREXIT, as it clearly had some feelings towards the way in which Britain decided to vote leave. Europe after BREXIT is in no way a political statement from me. Personally, I respect the 17.5 million people who voted leave and can see why (apart from the immigration reasons) they wanted to leave the EU. However, Europe after BREXIT is about exploring the humanity, beauty and culture of Europe, that unites those within the EU together. A couple of my friends and I decided to inter-rail around Europe after the announcement that Britain would be leaving the EU, was simply because we wanted to experience Europe with ease. Perhaps in two years we would have had to apply for visas for each country, and in general it could have been a lot harder to travel around Europe than it was.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city which makes photographing it very easy. During the day the canals, push bikes and flowers take the centre stage; both as a photographer and human being, I find the natural beauty is very appealing. The architecture is extremely unique, and the buildings around the centre of the city are amazing to photograph.




















Words and photography by Bilal Akkouche