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The fusion of juxtaposing cultures

Inspired by Kiko’s experimentation with Stussy, Daniel PacittiRhys Thrupp and Alex Moir have worked together to create a collection of reconstructed band hoodies, made exclusively for The Basement Pop-up. I asked Daniel to give a more in-depth brief of the project and the ideas behind it:


“We’re essentially curating a small collection of one of one hoodies; consisting of old-school thrash metal and American college/sports merchandise, which have been reconstructed to create new hoodies with contrasting designs. There are many concepts that can be drawn from this collection, such as old versus new, the re-emergence of ‘past’ sub-cultures into fashion, and the pairing of differentiating cultures in Western society. Each piece brings a new variation on an aesthetic which largely focuses on juxtapositions – some louder than others, but all bringing something unique to the overall mood of the collection.”