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‘All Gone’ 10th Anniversay – Flo Kohl

Don’t you hate those words? “All Gone!”

I mean, there you were waiting outside the store, all night, sleeping rough in the pissing rain. Doing the math, how many in each size? Who needs what? But you’re good, right? Yeah, you’re good. Then doors open, eyes on everyone who comes out. Your moment comes, you can smell it. You’re inside and…fuck. Nah, man. All gone.

Michael ‘LaMJC’ Dupouy started the All Gone books 10 years ago as a kinda catalogue of stuff you loved and never got to cop. The books became as collectible as the goods they documented.

He tours the world every year with the crazy release party, on a schedule that tops even mine. Earlier this year when I spoke to him he was on his way to LA, then two days later to Tokyo, and right after off to China. Follow him, and you’re touring every center of street culture in the world.

Over the years I’ve been to many of his parties. We’ve had crazy nights in Paris before, and London, LA, Vegas; insane. But this was the 10th anniversary, and as the year is coming to an end (I know it’s only September, but I’m in denial that fashion weeks and a scary US election are still to come), it was obvious he had something special up his sleeve.

I actually fought with myself for days, am I really gonna go to Paris for one night just to attend a party? Yes, Michael’s events are always great but I was still jetlagged from NY just days before. Well I’m glad I said fuck it and went for it. I had noticed the tiny Ed Banger logo on the invite. Superproducer Pedro Winter aka Busy P and Michael have been friends for ages, and run Club 75 together.

Massive venue. Michael secretly designed 10 Smart cars to commemorate each of the covers of the All Gone books. They were all on display. Bottomless champagne, French girls everywhere, and Feadz, Breakbot, Cassius, Busy P and Boston Bun all took turns to provide the soundtrack to one incredibly sexy night.

Happy first decade, All Gone. You’re gonna make a hell of a teenager.

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Photography and words by Flo Kohl