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A collaborative effort between Dean Martindale, Charlotte Moss & Archie Maher

Dean Martindale and Charlotte Moss have teamed up with Arco Maher to create an editorial that “avoids cliches that subcultures have turned the brand into”. It’s a change from the urban landscapes, estates and high-rises frequently used for Stone Island editorials; instead, they strip it right back to the basics. I asked Dean for some words about the piece, and this is what he had to say:

“The editorial is basically avoiding clichés that subcultures have turned the brand into.

Archie Maher is a Stone Island collector, with vast amounts of clothing from the 80s to present day. He calls his collection, parts of which he sometimes sells, ‘Arco Maher’ (he is basically branding himself). He owns over 160 pieces of vintage Stone Island, some of which are sought after by collectors all over the world. The designer of Stone Island’s first collections were very much inspired by the military, which you can see in a lot of the silhouettes. That’s why we chose quite a camouflaged colour way (neutrals) because it blended into the background of British woodland.

Charlotte Moss, who styled the shoot, picked Clarks (from SANE Communications), and Converse, which are from EXPOSURE PR. The Converse and Clarks help the looks retain a classic vibe but with a modern twist. Converse 70s are also a key shoe within her work because they feel timeless. Although Charlotte specialises in streetwear, she wanted to strip it back a bit, as everyone shoots Stone Island in London’s built up areas.

It should be about, like, how we perceive it.”

Photographer – Dean Martindale
Stylist – Charlotte Moss
Assisted by Lucie Towndrow
Stone Island pieces by Archie Maher
MUA – Beth Newton
Edited by Daniel Hawksworth