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Baby Poor – Daniel Pacitti

 “Sometimes it’s good to sit and focus on one thing at a time”

“Baby Poor” is a four piece T-Shirt collection by Daniel Pacitti. Designed in Cape Town and hand printed in London, the collection is limited to 100 units. Daniel made a connection between his concept for this collection and the music of “Baby Poor” who you are listening to now. The distorted vocals on the track force the listener to provide their full attention in order to understand and absorb the song.

“The world moves quickly. Sometimes it’s good to sit and focus on one thing at a time. From afar a picture is painted, from up close you see the parts that make up the whole. From far away you will have a clear image of the musician on each T-Shirt, but upon more careful inspection, you will be able to identify the lyrics that form each artists’ image.”

You can purchase the capsule here.

Imagery and photography by Daniel Pacitti