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Barrington Levy & Jah Life x Supreme

Yes I’m broad, I’m broad, I’m broader than broadway.

Earlier today, London was hit with Supreme’s latest collaboration – Barrington Levy & Jah Life x Supreme. Supreme collaborations usually bring out a younger and younger audience with hyped up pieces. Not this Thursday.

The collaboration with Barrington Levy & Jah Life drew some of the low key reggae connoisseurs out of hiding and left a lot of the youth chilling at home calling it a ‘dead drop’. For those who know reggae, this was anything but dead. These were must have pieces, and represent the best of SS16 so far.

For those that don’t know reggae, and with Bob Marley seemingly the only reggae artist that ever lived or mattered, the ignorance was clear. ‘No woman, no cry’ was the response from some. For those that grew up on reggae, myself included, this drop was on point. So much so, I even copped my dad a tee. He’s always trying to flex my clothes, and for some reason is always picking up my Supreme bits. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get him his own.

Photos by @alex.ropes