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‘Bianca and Tia’ – Bilal Akkouche

Shooting with the girls

I met with model Tia for a shoot in and around Muswell Hill area; these particular set of photos were shot at Alexandra Palace. Her outfit was a collaborative effort; Tia chose the trousers out of her own wardrobe and I paired them with the Bianca Chandon tee and a pair of Vans slip ons. The traditionally British tartan print of the trousers acts as a contrast to the Bianca tee and Vans: two staple pieces belonging to skate culture.




Her outfit is entirely red and white, which goes well with her minimal makeup of a red lip and flushed cheeks, London’s blue skies, red buses, blue railings and streetlights. These three striking colours present throughout all of the photos along with the distinctively Victorian architecture found in this area of the city, evoke a particular sense of Britishness.




The use of the skate elements in the set of photos show how important skate culture is in Britain nowadays as it pioneers fashion and streetwear in its very own distinctive ways.




Photography and words by Bilal Akkouche – Check his Instagram here.

Model – Tia O’Donnell – Check her Instagram here.