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Bleu De Paname – Qusay Al-Hashemi

Less Catacombs, More Garms..

My journey roaming the streets of Paris left me dissatisfied. I think a lot of experiences can feel that way. A weeks stay at The Boutique Konfidential in the 1ar neighborhood didn’t give me nearly enough time to explore what seemed to be a new world around every street corner. Each phalanx of buildings seemed to stand rigid while still flowing gently into the sky. Tall, rough, and colorful. On the brick roads that cut between them an overwhelming range of foods, sounds and colors traveled as wistfully as the people walking down them. I stumbled across a library where I picked up some old newspapers. Notably, I came up on a restaurant called “Au Terminus De Châtelet” and got into a great conversation with the owners son over what was by far the best meal during my stay. We made plans to kick it later that week. Most importantly, I visited a youthful rising boutique called Bleu De Paname. Before I left for Paris I had been in New York. Perfect timing for me to catch the newly stocked Bleu De Paname while I was in Dover Street Market. So I guess you could say I was looking for them. When I met the we instantly vibed and here’s what happened next.
























Special s/o to everyone on the Bleu De Paname team that made this happen
Bdp_68 team
@LionelFracture -Store Manager
The homies
Writing – Qusay Al-Hashemi
Photography – Simon Betite @NeverNot, Thomas_bdp
Although I was only there for a short time I’d say that time was well spent. I’ll definitely be back very soon. Someone better take me to explore the catacombs!