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BS STUDIO Are Making Jordan 1s From Scratch

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is without a doubt the most iconic sneaker of all time. With countless colour ways, collaborations and releases, the silhouette has become increasingly sought after in recent years. But as we all know, the supply never meets the demand.

Fed up of taking Ls on releases, brothers Bader and Soufiane decided to take matters into their own hands. Forming their own creative studio known as BS STUDIO, two brothers have set out to create the Jordan 1 from scratch.

Having already cut, sewn and painted several pairs, BS STUDIO is getting pretty good at making sneakers. But in order to elevate their work to another level of precision, sacrifices have to be made, that being in the form of de-constructing a pair of Jordan 1s- the 1985 version, no less.

We reached out to the brothers for an exclusive insight into their creative process.

“BS STUDIO is a newborn studio created by us two brothers; Bader and Soufiane. Both born in a small town in France, we grew up together immersing ourselves in hip hop culture and the love of sneakers.

The current climate of the sneaker market made our love for them complicated… so instead of taking L’s, we’ve decided to start making them ourselves.

Self taught, with no background in pattern making or sewing, we’ve decided to start a journey to create the perfect Nike Air Jordan 1 from 1985. 

Recently we’ve studied the anatomy of an original Nike Air Jordan 1 – 1985 from TH factory by deconstructing it, and documenting everything about it in order to get the perfect shape from 1985! 

This is our first project on shoe making, we will keep pushing boundaries. Exploring new aspects of shoe making, and recreating iconic patterns. 

Disclaimer : The pair that we’ve deconstructed will be reconstructed for it’s new owner.