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Celly Cell – Leo Mandella

Pick up the phone baby


The t-shirt’s graphic is (quite obviously) a Nokia 3310 with a Louis Vuitton inspired design inside of the screen. The main response I get from the design is, “I bet you weren’t even alive when the phone was around!” I’m pretty certain I was born in the same year that this phone was created, but (obviously) I never used one fully. Maybe I played Snake once or twice on it – when my dad wasn’t on the phone – but that’s about it. Despite that, they’ve always fascinated me. When I was about 5, and only really coming to grips with what the phone was and what its functions were, the Nokia seemed like the most amazing thing ever! I think it was the fact that I was so used to having to set up a game (like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or whatever) and the fact that it took forever! The Louis Vuitton doesn’t really have a reason behind it – I guess the colours just looked cool as fuck and, when I experimented with a load of different designs, the LV stood out/banged the most, so it’s just stuck really!



To begin with, I was only selling them to friends and family but (when I hit like the 50 sales mark) I soon realised I should probably sell these officially, so now we’re here. I still have no real idea as to how they’re going to do, but the response so far has been great! Obviously, there is negative, yet constructive feedback in some parts, but I appreciate that more than just “looks shit!”

Each to their own, I guess.



I wanted to promote them in a different way to how it’s been done/being done with other brands. The promo video wasn’t supposed to make a load of sense, but more to just display the creative thought that has gone in to the designs/the brand. Everything in the video had a meaning/purpose. For example, the LV duffle bag was to match the tee, likewise with the phone. The Lucky Charms were there because of how colourful they were and how they matched with the colours in the LV design. I wanted to create the setting of a breakfast table and I think that was pulled off quite well with the magazines and the phones.



For sure, I’m excited to release them. They release on the 17th August (Wednesday) at 6:30pm GMT. Also, they’ll be at the London Basement Pop Up, so if you grab one there, you’re team early. Sizing wise, they’re TTS. Retail will be £20. You can find them on Hope you enjoy!


Words by Leo Mandella

Edited by Darren Stoddart