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Don’t Fuck Up The Basement

Seriously, don’t fuck it up. Otherwise Narstie and Hartz are coming for you.

It’s been coming. The Basement. Base Defence League. It just makes sense.

The two share a lot in common. So lets look at the BDL ideology as taught by Big Narstie, and see what we can agree on:

“Looking after your family” – Narstie said it. We couldn’t agree more. The Basement is a massive family. We believe in taking care of one another.

“From when there’s unity in man’s community, man can’t tell man stop” – Another BDL teaching from Narstie. Same applies for The Basement. Unity is key. Strength and safety in numbers. Together, we are strong.

“Education for man’s nation” – Narstie is an advocate for enriching your mind. We think the same. Teach yourself. Be taught. Learning is key.

“No colour. No creed” – big words from the big guy. Couldn’t agree more either. Sadly, we live in a world where colour and creed matter. Well, fuck that. Fuck colour. Fuck creed. We are all humans. We all bleed red. That’s the only colour that matters.

“One love. One nation. One Peace” – the big guy went and did it again. We are all one. The Basement is testament to this. Love one another, as one people. Live in fucking peace. Warring is long.

“The revolution is now. This is our England. A new England” – this country is fucked. The world is fucked. About time we took over. Took control. The establishment don’t represent us. Let’s represent ourselves.

Join the revolution. The Basement Defence League capsule is available exclusively this weekend at Crepe City. Remaining stock online on Sunday. Available in highly limited numbers. So fuck knows whether they will make it through to Sunday.

Enjoy these shots of the defenders of the realm. Big Narstie – defender of the BDL. Big Hartz – defender of The Basement. Together, they are, the Basement Defence League.

Photos by Alex Ropes.

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