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Get to know Berlin’s Prada American Cups Expert, Momo Maserati

The Prada American Cup is a shoe with no time constraints, and whose style icon reach is undeniably ready for any occasion. Created in 1997, originally called the Prada Sneaker, the American Cup (as it’s now known) was created for Prada’s Luna Rossa sailing team. Considered a pinnacle in sailing footwear, year on year it consistently sells out and has become one of Prada’s signature products for the past nearly 25 years. It’s a shoe that you truly can wear anytime: on the basketball court, in a fight, at a wedding, or even for a job interview. There’s even a meme on that now. 

I sat down with Momo Maserati, founder of 3030 Supply and part of the Berlin-based collective Ravani Berlin, to chat about Berlin’s fashion scene, shooting 35mm, hip hop culture, keeping reliable vintage stock and his love for the biggest Prada American Cup collection we have ever seen.

Hey Momo, how are you doing! Where did you grow up and what do you do?

I’m good thanks. I grew up in west Berlin. I mainly do fashion stuff, and recently set up my own store 3030 Supply. I love photography too; I mainly shoot 35mm of Berlin life, my friends, and street culture I guess. 

How did your childhood impact your vision and creativity? What was your introduction to streetwear culture? 

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000s meant hip hop, street culture and cinema really influenced me. I would say Michael Jackson, Tupac and Biggie and all the greatest from then massively impacted me. Growing up in Berlin was a big part of it too, right when Berlin street kids had their own unique style. Art, cars, sneakers; whatever fits the aesthetic. I think my older brother was my first introduction into real hip hop, he gave me a CD box with Rate Atlanta underground rap and some Dr. Dre and southside hip hop tapes. After that I was an addict for anything baggy and oversized, and hip hop. 

Photography by Kane Holz

Congrats on the store opening! Tell us about 3030 Supply. Why did you set it up and what can people expect when coming to the store?

Opening 3030 Supply was a big dream of mine, because I felt there is no physical shop in Berlin that represents the culture, and is owned and run by real Berlin kids. There are a few well known shops obviously but like everything, the era and the blueprint of them comes to an end. So yeah, I wanted to create a hub and a happening place, where people can hang out, shop or come through to socialise.

Kane Holz
Kane Holz

Yeah, I think that’s the best vibe for any store… being able to roll through and hi. What’s the fashion scene like in Berlin at the moment? How is vintage going out there?

Vintage is huge in the Berlin fashion scene. Everyone here wants to be unique, and with vintage, you always mostly catch one of a kind. With Berlin style recently, the younger kids are really bringing 2000s style back.

Momo Maserati

Who are your main influences and inspirations at the moment? 

My main influence at the moment is tbh… myself, Momo, hahaha I’m just in my own world. Besides that I would simply say my friends, my city Berlin and nature.

So what is it about the American Cup that you love?

I just love the silhouette, the material, and the all round functionality. I think it’s the best shoe, literally for a lifetime. It’s like the perfect wifey.

Kane Holz

The Perfect Wifey… (laughs) I hear that. How long have you been collecting?

I got my first pair aged 13, and would wear them to high school. Back in 2013/14 my friends and I fell back in love american cups. So since then I’ve been collecting. 

Momo Maserati

I’ve been through too many pairs of cups where the soles crack… How do you reliably source and what’s your process with this?

Yeah you can’t do anything about the cracking soles. We just focus on finding the best condition and also try to only buy and sell pairs that aren’t older than 15 years. We have our plugs and we hunt a lot. That’s all I can say haha.

Momo Maserati

Favourite pair? 

It’s a black patent leather pair with a white upper and tongue. It reminds me of the Rolls Royce Bicolor, on god I’ll buy it soon. 

3030 Supply

Rarest pair?

Hmmm… the rarest cups I have is a crocodile leather pair, which was a Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills Store Collab release from 2000. 

Momo Maserati

What’s next for you?

What’s next, I don’t know… but I am working on a very very dope project for sneakers and sneaker accessories. I can’t say anymore. Stay tuned tho.  Bless for the interview, thanks Harriet. 

Momo Maserati

@momomaserati @3030supply