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Glasgow Street Style: A Snapshot

Aye, they like garms north of the border too.

This weekend, I travelled further north than most Londoners dare venture. I’ve heard all sorts of shit about Glasgow, and I can’t lie, most of it has been dread. For the average Southern softie, it tends to evoke mental images of being stabbed with a broken Irn Bru bottle by some gang of hood 14 year olds on BMX bikes. While I’m sure that Glasgow does exist to a degree, it wasn’t what I was greeted by.

SoleblocScotland’s sneaker and lifestyle event, bought together friendly lovers of streetwear and footwear from all over the highland-dominated country. Not a threatening look in sight. In fact, the Scots I met were some of the most warm and hospitable people I’ve come across. Maybe it’s true what they say – the further north you go, the friendlier the people become.

I also didn’t realise until Saturday that The Basement has a wee Scottish brother called The Gaff, who were out in force over the weekend. Now I do. Sound bunch of lads. Bit hard to understand for a guy who calls weird on any accent from outside the M25, but sound lads.

I managed to get a few shots while I was there, but to be honest, I was hanging and hadn’t slept from a Friday night in Glasgow, so quite a few chances passed by. That might be a good thing in all honesty, because it means I get to travel to Glasgow again soon to give it another (better) go.

Photos by @alex.ropes