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Member Spotlight – Daniel Pacitti

What were you doing at 17?

What were you doing at 17?  If you can’t remember what you were doing, I can – clearly. Getting over my first girlfriend through a concoction of bad nights out, half hearted gym sessions and Zombies (COD). So you can see why it’s surprising to hear that by the age of 17, Daniel Pacitti is already recognised for modelling, styling, shooting and now design. We spoke to Dan to find out a bit more about the yute.



What do you do?

I Style, Photograph, Model and Create.


How did you get into styling?

My friend Rhys is studying it at uni and it appealed to me but I don’t like the idea of uni so accompanied him and styled my own shoots in my spare time.



Why the swap from the likes of Yeezys and shark hoodies to Vetements and undercover etc?

Yeezys were cool and so were shark hoodies but brands have started to mass produce them now so nothing is as limited as it was before. Every other person has Yeezys. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s more of the fact I like to be associated with rarer items where I have to put in effort to find them.


What designers do you draw inspiration from?

Alexander McQueen, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Demna, Carol Christian Poell, Nigo, Tinker Hatfield, Zaha Hadid, Hiroshi. The list is endless…


What areas of life, aside from fashion, influences the way you curate your outfits?

I’m interested in Art and Photography and my Mum is South African so I’m drawn to bright colours when I compose my outfits. Art helps to compose outfits too because you learn about lines and how things can flow properly and what contrasts and what doesn’t.


What stylists would you like to work with?

Lotta Volkova

How do you and Rhys thrupp work together?

We’ve known each other for about a year now and we think similarly but we are also really harsh and honest to each other on whenever we need an opinion on something so we realise when something won’t work. We work on styling projects together and we’re in the process of producing our first batch of Hoodies which are made from recycled and reworked band merch hoodies which are sewn back together after being cut in two.


You’ve started your own brand, whats the idea behind it?

From cutting and sewing these hoodies we are trying to show people how much of an impact band merch had on the streetwear community. The whole idea of graphic printing on tee shirts and printing lyrics down sleeves evolved from this and we are producing something which reworked and modernised to show the impact of band merch on the current market.

Whats next in the works for you?

Next up I’ve got a few little styling and photography projects planned with Rhys and one other person who I won’t name
I’m also working on a pair of trousers.
You can follow Dan’s work on his instagram here.