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Member Spotlight – Jon Darby

‘I couldn’t really say I look up to anyone.’

Last week, Jon Darby travelled from Nottingham to London for a shoot. Afterwards, Daniel Pacitti hooked up with him to chat about the current scene and take a few pictures.

Who are you?

Jonathan Darby, 15 year old designer/photographer/model. Born in the UK, living in Nottingham.


How’s your own personal brand going?

I don’t even like to refer to it as a brand, more like a project/commitment because I feel life the category of a ‘brand’ limits creative potential. However, there is not much to speak of it at the moment but it is going well.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is just putting to paper what lies in my mind in terms of fashion.


Who do you look up to?

I couldn’t really say I look up to anyone.


What’s going on with you and Gosha?

Up to now I’ve participated in the SS17 show. He must have really liked my look because I have more upcoming shoots booked with him. I’ve just returned from Paris after shooting the editorial.

Who’s up next?

I believe Leo Mandella will do big things. The main reason is because he has gained like 10k followers in the last few months, and it increases loads each week which is impressive.

What are your favourite designers/brands?

My favourite designers at the moment are: Undercover, Gosha and Raf Simons because the concept of why they began to design, as well as the fits are amazing.


What do you love right now?

In terms of fashion: Bootcut fit trousers or trousers with big opening at the end! I just love the feel of looseness when I wear them and especially when they drag along the floor. Other than fashion, Supermalt and Aloe Vera is life.

What’s played out right now?

Supreme/Palace for sure because the lines for each season are increasing drastically to the point where the camping lines go past the end of the street! Also people taking an interest in the brand just to flip it and make quick profit.


How would you describe your style?

All over the place. I go from skating vibes to high end each day as I’m interested in both sectors of styles.

Do you get sucked into trends or do you like to keep to your own style?

I definitely would say I keep my own style otherwise I would be draped in Dickies, Levis, Palace and new season Supreme!


How did you become so business minded?

Hahaha I like this question! I have always had the mind of ‘How can I pay for this’! The first expensive thing I brought being a Pleo interactive dinosaur for £400 when i was 9, and sold it for £20 a year later…

What does your average day look like?

Very boring actually. Mainly school and when I’m home I just watch TV, and look for rare pieces on Grailed and Japanese auction.


Do you like Nottingham?

No. Compared to areas I’ve been to like Paris and London, Nottingham has no place to stand in contest.

Where do you shop? What do you spend money on?

90% goes on clothes and the rest on living I guess. I never shop in-store. All my clothes are from online. Either stocklist websites, or apps like Grailed and Depop.


Favourite clothing piece you own?

That would be either my Gosha angel rollneck or flags hoodie; the fit is really unique and the rarity of the item is generally outstanding. It took me months to find each piece in the right size! It also gives me a sense of happiness that so many want these pieces but can’t find a place to buy them.

What’s next for you?

Who knows, I live life with very little thought of how long the latest mental trend will last.


Check Jon out on Instagram @byjohnworldwide

Shots and Interview by @danielpacitti