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Patta London Store Opening

It’s happened, Patta are here

Yesterday saw the official opening of the new Patta London Flagship store.

The store brings Amsterdam’s relaxed vibe to London and although it may not be the biggest store, its actually the most comfortable store I have ever been in where I have been immediately treated like family as apposed to just a “customer”.

Kicking off with a pre opening party on Friday night, Patta provided the vibes which brought out a huge array of people and reinforced that Patta has a strong following within the London community.

Patta was built on friends and family, sourcing product and sneakers that were almost impossible to find in Amsterdam in the early 2000’s. It is a brand that was born Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty“. Starting with a few logo tees for the surrounding family, as the store grew in terms of collaborations and fame, the brand was born.

As time progressed so did the brand, expanding whilst maintaining a clean and comfortable aesthetic. The team behind Patta have clearly put in the man hours to become what it has today. By surrounding themselves with a focused team they have intrinsically been able to do what many others have failed.

I spoke to Will and Mark, both admins of the dedicated group Patta Talk UK/EU to get their opinions on the brand so many have come to love.

What is it about Patta that keeps it relevant to you?

Will:I buy into Patta purely for the love of the pieces and design, both text and illustration work. I’ve noticed its changed rapidly over the last couple of years of me collecting. This change has been for the better, experimenting with new materials and colourways/styles. But they still remember their home roots that’s made them so successful and they always show that in the pieces regardless of how much change is happening in the streetwear community.”

 Mark: “As a follower of more traditional streetwear, I always appreciate the fact that Patta have stayed relatively true to their original sneaker store roots. With their reach now global it’s always refreshing to see a brand still seem like it’s still very much still a “local” brand. I think Patta has one the strongest community followings on the internet, as people feel a genuine connection to the brand and its journey. While everybody dreams of their favourite brand still being underground, I can’t help but be delighted for everybody at Patta with their latest endeavor. Knowing how much work the team at Patta have put into the London store and just the hard work in general, I can’t be happier for them all. I’m excited to see what Patta have instore for 2017 and beyond. After today’s store opening, the “One Fam” Patta motto has never seemed more applicable.”

I am extremely pleased for the Patta crew and look forward to seeing their impact on our streetwear mecca that is Soho.

Words by Harteblanche

Photos and video by Aria