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Introducing Powers

With heavy artistic influences, Eric Elms and Kyle Ng create a new type of clothing brand.

Powers Street is where Eric Elms, the creator of Powers, studio is. Elms’ work spans a range of mediums from painting to graphics through book printing. He says himself that “it’s important for brands to have a culture and point of view around them” and the work that is created out of his studio is what inspired him to create the brand. For the first drop, Eric wanted to introduce the brand to the mainstream by creating varying graphics with diverse influences. He says “just like the studio, not everything looks exactly the same, but it all comes together in a cohesive vibe”.

It is fair to say that the market for graphic tees is saturated these days; even Eric admits that he was burnt out by the Supreme’s, SSUR’s and aNYthing’s of streetwear. But after seeing what brands like BrainDead and KnowWave were doing, by introducing a real story and authenticity into there work, he was re-invigorated.

Eric’s original plans for Powers were on a much smaller scale but, after teaming up with Kyle Ng from Braindead, it was able to grow into a full blown ‘project’.

The collection boasts powerful graphics with themes drawn from politics, religion and even civil rights that form an individual style that is something very different from your usual streetwear brand.

Now Available at Gimme 5 and Dover Street Market.

Check out some pieces from the collection down below

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