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Salt shaker – Supreme x Vans

Would you like extra salt with that?

Yesterday saw the drop of the Supreme x Vans collaboration, as well as some other pieces. New to the game? Well let me enlighten you to a typical consumer’s scenario.

It’s 10:58am on a Thursday, you’re making your routine ‘toilet break’ (you’re fooling no one) and you’re on the Supreme website. As you enter your card details into the auto-fill, you’re coming to the realisation that h+ signal on your iPhone 2 isn’t gonna cut it, but you’re still hopeful (/naive) that you might get what you want. I’m of course referring to the Supreme drop. BANG. 11am, you add it all to cart, frantically type in the first bit of auto-fill info, go to check out, forget to click t’s and c’s, repeat prior steps, click checkout.. aaaaand its gone. Sound like your morning? No? Well if not, check out what some of our members responses were to them missing out on Supreme’s drop yesterday morning. This, is the ‘Salt Shaker’.
So we shall start with some of the normal comments, the usual outrage, confusion (I don’t get how some of the usual suspects are yet to realise that you can’t cop anything online at Supreme, but their reactions are entertaining nonetheless).
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Then we get onto the fun part – a member of the group is trying to sell a pair of ‘really rare’ size 7uk (apparently on 7uk in store). Oh, they retailed at £79 and he is trying to ask for £150 (plus postage and fees).
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Oh that wasn’t the funniest part, my bad. This bredda takes the award for making the best out of a bad situation. If you can’t beat em, join em. Or in this instance, if you can’t cop em, draw on em.
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Article credit Tayler Prince-Fraser
Image credit ‘The Basement’ and its members.