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So you wanna be Americana?

Music is the trigger of imaginations.

Take a trip to Japan, home of the likes of WTAPS, NBHD and Undercover to name a few, these urban giants have left an impression amongst western and eastern cultures alike. But there’s one quirky little brand I’ve really started to dig over the past couple of months, Wacko Maria. Yes that’s really its name, and you won’t be surprised to find out why. The Japanese cult brand was introduced in 2005 by a duo of retired J-League football players, Keiji Ishizuka and Atsuhiko Mori.

Wacko Maria SS14 PICTURE 1

Now, I know there’s a ton of great Japanese brands out there, and I mean a TON, but here’s why this one really catches my eye. Wacko Maria’s main aesthetic focuses on the refined man. They bring a sense of living a rebellious lifestyle into the mix, something I possess or like to think so atleast, but seriously, they take a great influence from the Latin American culture such as music, film and photography. They also influence party moods into their designs and follow the Americana (folk music) theme.


Now acting like a gentleman is easy, but dressing like one? That’s a whole different story, from baseball jackets and hoodies to tailored suits and top hats, Wacko have it all and really do envision that their slogan, Guilty Parties, shown on many pieces of their clothing, is something that they indulge in. That’s what really caught me, the fact that it’s a lifestyle that ANYONE can pursue. You know, the lifestyle of partying 24/7. Isn’t it great?

Of course, I know myself the prices aren’t easy to digest but what else can you expect from such a strict cult brand, it’s not easy trying to stay classy while downing alcohol and being surrounded by girls… trust me. I’ll be sure to pick up some pieces soon; I hope that turns some heads. They’ve just released their new collection called PARADISE CITY FUNK, Check out their latest SS16 collection here and enjoy listening to the great folk music they provide while you’re at it.

Written by Sufian Hassan

Image credits Wacko Maria (lookbooks) & GRIND Magazine.