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Supreme London and Palace – Black Friday

They made their sales before the lights went out.

We all know how insane Supreme and Palace are on drop-days. So imagine that plus the fact that it was Black Friday. Today was chaos. The kids were hyped and the lines were insane. Funnily enough, the Palace queue started off longer than Supreme’s queue, but after the doors opened at Palace the swarm migrated to Supreme.

Included in today’s drops were some interesting items. The ‘Tupalace’ jumper has proven controversial, with many feeling that using his image seemed tacky and lazy, and fusing his name with that of the brand was unbefitting of his memory.  The Supreme/Simpson Motorcycle Helmet was the shock item on the day. The hype for it was out of control, which very few predicted. So hyped in fact that one sold outside the store for £1700.

Check out the video for todays drop below along with some photos of the people that went down to cop.

Video by @_edreid_

Photos by Elliot Jones